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I hike, backpack, mountain bike, XC ski and snowshoe in the wet part of the Pacific NW. My biggest danger would be two-legged predators followed by coyotes, cougar, bobcat and black bear. I have seen all of these in the woods with the exception of black bear. Accordingly, corrosion-resistant .357 revolvers have always been my outdoors carry. For many years, it was a 2.25" Ruger SP-101 with .357 158 grain JSP. I carry 24 extra rounds (two 12 round ammo wallets) with me. Just about a year ago, for the weight savings, I switched to a Taurus .357 Protector Poly. I am now thinking a lot about the Ruger LCRx in .357 with a three inch barrel that was released last month. I would not be at all surprised if I end up buying one.

Snohomish County, Washington USA
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