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Good on you,

Too often gestures of gratitude fall by the wayside and your idea is top shelf. I have a neighbor who is always there to lend a hand on major projects, (including using his mini-excavator and skid steer to replace my leech field 5 years ago), and won't take a thing for it.

On to the topic, I would never tell anyone not to buy a Nightforce optic. If you go that way he'll be tickled pink for sure. That said, in that $1000 price range a couple of other contenders include:

Leupold VX3I LRP 4.5-14X50
These are compact and very well made. They can be had in either FFP or SFP with multiple reticle choices. If the reticle you choose is not to his liking, Leupold can put another in, usually 10 days to 2 weeks. I think it's about $150. I have this very scope on a Tactical Solutions X Ring used for indoor 25 to 50 yard during the winter and at 100 yards outdoors for precision 22lr shooting competitions at the club.

Leupold VX5 HD 3-15X44 Firedot Reticle
Second focal plane, illuminated Firedot reticle.

Both of these can be found in the $900 - $1000 price range.

Take Care
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