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Originally Posted by std7mag View Post
You can be my buddy!!! :

I usually hunt with a 4-12X42 scope. Longest shot on game was just over 400 yards.
I shoot targets out to 600 yards with them.

Something in the 42mm range objective is what i find optimal for a hunting scope.
And it lets the scope be mounted low enough that looking through isn't affected.
I'm with 7mag I feel like a 42mm objective is perfect for hunting. I have several of the Redfield Revenge 3-9x42 scopes and I like them alot. My favorite and best scope I've ever used for hunting is the Burris MTAC30 4.5-14x42 it has excellent glass and tracks perfectly. I don't see better glass until you get into the $1000 scopes and every once in a while Cabelas has them for $199 they are usually $550.
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