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Do you guys stalk more or have a good feeder/blind set up going?

If you stalk the SHV is, as mentioned above, a bit bulky and heavy for a hunting rifle. Its an AMAZING value and I have one sitting on my RPR 6.5 Gen 2. Which I have used to knock a few pigs down from a blind style set up.
For stalking you could just up the ante and go with the Nikon BLACK FX1000 4x16 or X1000 4x16 ( depending on if he prefers First Focal plane or Second ) or a higher end Leupold since you know he enjoys/likes them.
Don't discount the Zeiss line of hunting or the Sig's with the new BDC/blue tooth link shot system and rangefinder combo. I say this cause the Sigs are very nice scopes and if you often hunt together it will be a great friendship reminder as you range the shot for him and he instantly sees the bullet drop appear in his scope. Price is right where you are looking to spend and you get a 2fer...scope and rangefinder.

In the end the SHV or the other options listed here will all fill your intent...a great scope for a great friend.
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