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great plan

That's a good plan and your pal putting his family first is the way that it should be, I applaud you both. Selecting top end optics is never can't hit what you can't see.

I am not familiar with the 4x15x56 NF you mention, so I looked it up on line. As I suspected, that is one big honkin' scope, and to my way of thinking, too big for a GP big game hunting scope. Not in magnification, but in size/weight. A 30mm tube and a 56mm bell, with illumination will be one heavy item,and the rifle that wears it might be a bit cumbersome, even for shooting houses and setting hunts. Not to mention it might look a bit out of place on a 22-24" barreled sporter. Too, for a big game scope at the distances you mention, 14x seems a bit more than needed as well.

I see where NF offers the same scope in an illuminated 3x10x42mm version and might be inclined to look at that. Seems they make a 50mm bell model as well, but 50mm still seems like a lot of bell for a GP big game rifle to me.

But a heck of the gift, whichever you buy.
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