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Scope for a Buddy

My best friend is a professional remodeler and is helping me redo my circa 1963 bathroom. Knowing him, it will be an arm wrestling match for me to try to compensate him in the coin of the realm. He will probably just ask for me to buy him a beer.

We all shoot and hunt .308 and 30-06 with $250-350 Leupold and Nikon scopes. I am thinking of gifting him something he would never buy for himself that would give him the baddest scope on the lease like a $1000 Nightforce SHU-4x14-56.

He hunts pig and deer and the shot lines of the lease are typically at 100-250 yards and pig hunts at night are common. Is this grade of scope overkill for our hunts or does the cool value outweigh any practicality concerns? Again, it's for a Buddy and I want to style him with something he wouldn't justify for himself because to spend that type of money, he would always be placing his family first.

I enjoy the wisdom and collective experience of this forum. Thanks.
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