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I don't want to stand behind a company that doesn't stand behind their product just because they were purchased second-hand. I think that is asinine.

To add insult to injury, said weapon left the factory defective and they still wouldn't. That was their excuse to me as to why they won't replace or even meet me in the middle by paying for half of it.

So yes... I steer clear of them based on that experience alone. And I recommend my friends do the same.
Of course, the SIG-Sauer consortium who manufactured pistols in West Germany and the current-day SIG SAUER headquartered in New Hampshire are, for all practical purposes, different companies. That doesn't excuse the business practices of the current American entity.

I purchase older West German-made SIG Sauer pistols with the same expectation I have of other surplus pistols, and not with the expectation of a newly manufactured and marketed pistol. That said, the level of QA/QC of these West German guns were so high that manufacturing defects are very unlikely to be encountered (especially considering that, if they existed, they would have been discovered long ago). To date, I have had absolutely no trouble in acquiring parts for them.

If you want to warn people away from new or recent American-production SIG SAUER products is understandable considering the recent history of the company. To warn people from all SIG Sauer products (including the West German examples) because you don't care for the (admittedly bad) business practices of the current American entity is simply bad advice.
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