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The SP2022 is an excellent pistol if it fits you well and the trigger is usually pretty goos out of the box DA and SA. A very robust design and one rarely read/hears of a problem with the SP2022 especially in 9MM. The downside to the SP2022 is that it is a pretty much what you see is what you get pistol which is not a bad thing unless you plan to customize/modify beyond sights and grip modules. The SP2022 was one of if not the first pistol SIG made that was somewhat modular in that it has a firing control unit that contains the hammer and related parts. At one point SIG sold a DA only FCU so that D/A and DA only FCUs could be swapped out of the pistol. The FCU however makes it more difficult to work on those parts for most of us. --- cool pics of SP2022 internals.
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