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Huge red flag, there, bud.

Any used SIG should be steered clear from and especially a franken-SIG.

SIG Sauer themselves say they do not cover any issues even if they're factory faults such as a slide out of spec that is destroying the frame, if the gun was purchased used.

Warranty only applies to the new/first owner.

I know of this first hand with my P229 date coded 2010.

I also had a P226 start down the same path. Even with the backing of Bruce Gray, they denied me any kind of help whatsoever on an Elite Dark model.

Now, I noticed that the German-framed ones don't see to ever have these issues as they wear smooth.
I've owned a couple of franken-SIGs with luck.

Heck, I think I have one right now. It's a beaver tail P229 (German frame) and the older slide (non-Elite Dark). It's been good... Then again...German frame. I also have the MK25.

Nothing I said is meant to be taken a wrong way. Just my experiences. The only thing that holds truest of the true is their take on warranty work on used guns. :/ So I wouldn't risk it.
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