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A New P229, A Franken P229, or a Bad/Fake Picture?

I was surfing last night and I came upon an ad from Cabela's for a new P229 Nitron for $750. Seemed reasonable so I clicked on the link and then noticed the picture.

When you look at the P229 Nitron picture you notice something. First is this has the short extractor but full length slide serrations, so it's not a so called Legacy slide but it's not a typical P229 in that it doesn't have the long extractor. Then you notice that the trigger guard has a bit of an undercut to it that reminds me of the Legion. This Legion similarity is further exemplified in what seems like a hint of a beaver tail. Certainly more than normal, but not a full beaver tail. The SKU it shows is the same standard P229 SKU, which on SIG's page still looks like this You can easily compare the Cabela's picture to the "standard" picture by toggling between the P229 Nitron and the Combat, which looks as it does on SIG's site.

Anyone have any ideas if this is a redesign, a Frankengun as SIG has done from time to time, or just a wrong picture?

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