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I carry a RIA 9mm 1911 around my property when I'm on the farm. I love the feel, I love the cocked and locked, and the trigger is smooth as a baby's a--. The problem is it's too big and heavy to carry IWB. I like and prefer a hammer and safety vs a striker and trigger safety for obvious reasons. So right now I'm looking at and seriously considering a Beretta PX4 Storm sub compact. Hammer DA/SA, Safety, high capacity mag 17+1. The others I looked at were SIG 226, CZ2075 Rami and the Bersa Thunder ultra. I carry a Beretta Nano 9mm for almost 3 years. Lately I've read several articles of guys shooting there stuff off by mishandling their weapon. So, that's the reason I'm looking for something else to carry. Price was also a deciding factor.
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