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Depends on your carry circumstances: I/We live on a farm and do chores while carrying daily. Any muzzle protrusion allows the the barrel to pick up whatever is on the various seats of our vehicles: tractor, 4-wheeler, motorcycle, two 4x4 POV's, and a half dozen horses. Nothing will fracture your day like a barrel stopped off with a 1/4" of horse $---.

Also the lube that's on the barrels of my auto's gets all over the clothes I'm wearing...or Carhartts...and mixes with the horse $--- that's already there. You get the idea. But I'll say that years ago, I carried a Commander in a Yaqui Slide holster that was a dream to draw from, horse $--- notwithstanding.

Lastly, with a holster that's shorter than the barrel/slide etc., you'd better have a front sight that's got enough slope to its rear face to allow an unobstructed draw movement. That same objection applies to railed semi-autos...the rail hangs on the holsters that I like: leather. The rail seems to do better with Kydex however.

And BTW, I carry OWB exclusively, I can't imagine carrying IWB with an exposed barrel/slide.

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