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Back to what could be done with a dial indicator. I understand reloaders are afraid to loosen the lock nut, some claim they use shims. Reloaders do not believe the die can be measured with a height gage and or a dial caliper. A reloader could measure the height of the die above the press with a dial indicator when adapted to an adapter.

For me it has always been very simple, simple as in the die is solid meaning if the die is raised the top of the die goes up 'at the top' above the press and it goes up above the ram the same amount. And, it is a mind boggling thing; both measurements are measured in thousandths. The boggling thing? Reloaders have from the big inning insist on measuring the turn of the die in degrees and converting degrees into thousandths.

So if I choose to lower the die I can lower the die in thousandths with a depth micrometer, height gage or a dial caliper.
That is exactly what I posted in #7.
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