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Originally Posted by FITASC
All steel from Wilson with a Wilson price tag to match. Similar to a 1911, it does not have the grip safety, has the capacity of a G19 (15 rounds), but otherwise performs like a 1911.
Ed Brown has recently announced their new Evolution (EVO) Series. It's an all-steel single stack 9mm 1911 that has been slimmed down and comes with a four-inch bull barrel and external extractor. It is priced at $1895, substantially less than the rest of their pistols.

The "rub" is that they won't customize it in order to keep the price down. I assume you can send it back in for them to do some basic changes they list, like different sights. They will have different configurations later but they will be built in batches to save costs. An aluminum alloy frame version would likely be $200+ more than the all-steel version.

I'm still working on a justification for getting this pistol.
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