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I guess I don't expect a powder to do everything perfectly. Yep, Unique doesn't meter as well as some powders in my 2 powder measures, but neither does some of the "log" powders I use. I don't have a quota and 99% of my time at the reloading bench is good, I don't mind "throwing short and trickling up", and sometimes when the stars line up just right the charge variations from my CH or my Lee powder measures are close enough for range ammo. If I load Unique on the light side, yep, it will burn "dirty", but "dirty" is subjective. Your "dirty" is prolly way different than my dirty (I don't wear my white shirt and white gloves when I shoot and every indoor range I used had a bathroom to wash up in. I have rags in my range bag to wipe off any excess soot. When I shoot at the local "range" I take water and paper towels along with the rags to wipe my hands. I have never had a gun, pistol or revolver malfunction from "dirty" Unique. Light loads of Unique under a cast/lubed bullet can leave more GSR on the gun or my hands than upper loads with jacketed bullets.). But one major pro is that I have loads for Unique in all my handgun handloads. I still have a little Unique left, but during one of the panics, I couldn't find any so I tried Universal. Worked good so I bought 8 lbs and still have some left.

Reloading is hugely personal choices. If whatever powder works for you and your guns, great, but that choice may not fit my wants/needs/lifestyle. But it is good to read other's opinions on their choices. It keeps me informed and I may find something I like "better"...
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