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I just bought another 8# can of it... I love it. I have a shrine to Unique in my reloading room, and burn the Eternal Flame to the gods of Powder (well, not really. At least the flame part.) I have loaded everything from the .380 to heavy 45 Colt loads with it, and, now .45-70. It is my go to powder for .45ACP and the 230grn bullet, and anything .41, .44, or .45 Colt. I loaded a lot of .38/.357 with it. I don't like it in 9mm... when the charge weights get below 5grn, with my Hornady measure, it starts to drop wonky, but I have no problems with it 5grn and up. It is a very forgiving powder when pushed; back in my younger days, I pushed both .41MAG and the .45's over the limits... and it never bit me.

Are there better powders? I suppose, if you wanted to get picky and find a specific powder for each and every cartridge and bullet combo, nothing that Unique can't handle, anyway. No, it's not W231 or W296, but it covers most of the middle ground between the two... and that's pretty... uh, Unique.

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