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Some people love it. Some people hate it. (Unique)
I think I'm somewhere in between. I have never tried a propellant that I couldn't find at least ONE thing it does well. But I do find it amusing that Unique has a reputation for being versatile. I'm not sure how the term is defined, I suppose. I guess it does a lot of things "good enough." I mean, it'll burn and send a bullet downrange. But performance has got to be a lot better than that before I consider it correct or the application.

Take 230gn 45 ACP for instance: It runs good pushed hard with jacketed bullets. That's what it does best from my tests, in fact. But when you move to a plated bullet and try to turn down the charge to make a more mild range round, SD's open up. In fact, you can even hear the variance of report when shooting them; with partially spent powder flakes about, etc. To me, that's not versatile.

Of the intermediates that I have used - HS-6, AA#5, and Power Pistol, I would consider only HS-6 to be less versatile.
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