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I have a couple 9mm 1911s, and like them for CCW duty (Ruger LWT CMD/SA 1911 EMP).

Both of mine are LWT Commander patterns (aluminum frames, 4.25 inch barrels). IMO, they are nearly perfect CCW platforms, being very slim for comfort, great ergonomics, excellent triggers, and more than acceptably accurate. Also, the single stack mags are more comfortable to carry than typical double stacks.

Of course, the one area that most plastic fans have issue with is capacity. I have a pair of ten-round mags that I carry with my 9mm 1911s, with a 9-rounder in the magwell. Most of the time I carry only one extra mag, so I have 20 rounds on board, which statistically speaking, is several times the needed number should I ever have to draw for real.

Finally, though I'm a lifelong 45 ACP fan, I have to admit that my 1911s in 9mm are unquestionably becoming my favorite range guns. They are just a pure joy to shoot. For that alone, knowing what I know now, I'd buy a couple 1911s in 9mm if I hadn't already. In fact, I'm looking at getting a couple more, not necessarily for carry, but just because they're so much danged fun.
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