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I own a commander size Kimber Pro Tactical II in 9mm. I carry this the majority of the time. A pure joy and pleasure to shoot. Very accurate, and very reliable. And I have a Sig 938 in the small frame 1911. Another gun that is a joy to shoot. I would not hesitate to buy a 9mm in a 1911 frame. I own 1911s in 45 acp, 10 mm, 38 Super, and 9mm. All are great pistols, and it is truly to each his own. I tell everyone that bullet placement is the most critical must have when using your carry weapon. Sure your holster, comfort, correct defensive load, etc etc etc etc is important but if you aren't comfortable shooting your weapon, and you are not accurate it is all for nothing. I have had guys tell me I can't carry enough ammo with a 1911. Maybe they need 45 rounds, but I feel pretty comfortable in my abilities and shot placement to carry a 1911. If I lived in Chicago or Syria I might reconsider.
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