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I get holsters made for smaller pistol, heat end with hairdryer, shove (unloaded) longer pistol into it, result is minimalist holster with muzzle sticking out.
I carry 3:00 IWB with a generous forward cant, holster at muzzle not desirable.
The 2nd option XDs 45 pocket gun, regular holster.
Primary 1911 carried IWB, minimalist holster, muzzle sticking out.
I think the particular holster pictured was originally for a Glock 30SF, but if I used a Colt officers holster and carried a full size 1911 in it, same result.
I'm not inclined to disarm for a concert, game, (entertainment) and I ain't going on a plane or cruise.
"Wouldn't want to / Nobody volunteer to" get shot by _____ is not indicative of quickly incapacitating.
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