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You can get a decent bolt gun in 308, 7-08, or 6.5 CM within your budget. You're going to have to budget about $200 for a decent scope. Either of those 3 will take deer, bear, or elk out to at least 400 yards.

They make semi's in those calbers, but not within your budget and they'll be much heavier.

Any lever action in a traditional cartridge is going to really limit your range. Partly because of the lack of power and partly because of a lack of accuracy. There are a couple of options for lever actions in the above cartridges, but once again not in your budget.

My pick on a tight budget, one of these. I like the Predator version best, but it is only available in 308 and 6.5. Not 7-08. The standard rifle should be around $350 street price, the Predator about $400.

Top it with this for about $200 and you're set for any animal in the lower 48.
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