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Fill in a few more blanks here for us MountainEMTIV

Where do you live?
Where do you hunt now?
When you say "out west' it must be pointed out that it can mean a LOT of different things The Selway Wilderness is out west and so is the Great Basin. In one you have wide open spaces and in the other you can't see the sun in places because the trees are so thick. And coming west to hunt can be expensive but can also be fairly cheap if you know where to go and how to hunt the land out here. Budget is always important so if spending $1500 on a hunt is outside your reach (remember you have travel expense too along with licenses and gear. The rifle may be the cheap part)
If coming west is not going to be something you do for 10-20 years I would not get a "western rifle" unless it does everything in the east just as well. I would get a rifle to cover 90% of the bases instead of 10% of them.

The rifle below is one that will cover 99%.

If I were to recommend one rifle I KNOW would cover all your bases it would be a Browning BLR in 30-06. it's lever action. It shoots quite flat for antelope hunting and open country deer. It is an 06 so you can user heavy tough bullet for elk and you can use it for moose bear even buffalo.
It is easy to scope and my BLR shoots to about 1 MOA, so it's accurate enough to do all you'd need.

But it may not be a rifle you like.

PM me if you'd like for 1st hand info.
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