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Would love to add one of these to my collection, thread it and I would be super happy.
Reference threading one of those, I bought this one last summer:

One of Marlin (Remlins??) newest offerings, it’s essentially a stainless Model 94 chambered for 38 special/357 magnum and threaded 1/2X28”.

The stock and forearm are laminated wood and coated with a black resin that gives a tough and somewhat textured finish.

Mine is extremely accurate and whisper quiet with standard velocity 158 grain 38 special factory ammo.

All my handloads through this rifle have been kept to around 1000 fps and run with the suppressor attached (in fact I’ve never fired it without the can on the rifle).

I have run a myriad of 158 grain LSWC bullets as well as Magnus 200 grain 38 caliber bullets through it at 1000 fps and it’s extremely accurate with both 158’s and 200 grain pills.

IMHO this example is equal in quality, fit and finish to all my older JM stamped Marlins and if one is interested in an threaded Marlin in 357/38 special this is the one for you.
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