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I also like to learn and shooting/hunting is my passion. So when something new come out I am always willing to look at it objectively. An example is the solid expanding bullets. When they first came out I was wondering if they were really going to work. Well, they do!
Sold expanding bullets (Barnes X Hornady GMX and their like) are the very best type for extra fast hunting rifles. Even better then my loved Partitions for most hunting with super mags. The Partitions do have a max impact velocity beyond which they break up leaving only the base. That's pretty high, but some of the magnums and the super magnums will go past it, so for close shots they don't always work as well as I'd like from the super fast combos.

The Barnes X ?..........well I don't think it's possible to fire them too fast or have them hit too fast. Too slow...yes. If they strike at 1900 FPS or lower they often do not open much, or at all. But again 90% of all kills are made at 300 and under so for those hunts with the super fast guns the Xs and the GMXs can't be beat.

I made a 7MM STW for a man about 15 years ago and he set it up with a 140 grain X bullet. We were hunting together when he got to kill a rag-horn 4X4 bull at about 30 yards. If I had any fears that a 7MM at 22-250 speed would not hold it's bullet together that kill put them away. He hit center chest and the shoulder bone on the off side, and if he had used a 30-06 with a 220 Grain partition it could not have done a better job.
The Barnes TSX is my go to bullet for 500 yards and under in the magnums and in smaller overbore stuff like .270 Win and .243 Win. I also like trying the new. Innovation drives the industry.
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