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Found a 1894 SCBL in .357

I went to my LGS today to nose and really just say Hi. Looked around and really did not see anything that pulled my trigger. Started to leave and thought that I would look at the Henry rack behind the counter and see if they had the Pump action 22 rifle. I did not even look for that rifle, while scanning I saw a Marlin 1894 SCBL. My eyes lit right up. Asked if it was a 45/70, Owner of the LGS said no it is a 357 Mag. He also stated that he got it in yesterday and just has not really had the time to set it where it's suppose to go. He said he could let me have it for $850. I thought that was pretty steep but you absolutely never see these in my neck of the woods. I bought it right on the spot. I have always wanted this rifle and just tickled to pay what he wanted. No Arguments. Took her to the range, sighted in for 25 yards right out of the box. Love the rifle and after done shooting it looked at the crown and it has a Beautiful Star pattern from shooting.

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