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For my .22 rifles, the CCI SVs are all I need; very reliable, very accurate, and as .22 shells go these days, very available. And these days, they're about as economically priced as one can find for good .22 shells. Good all around cheap ammo (IMO). BTW, I have an old Ruger 10/22, a Ruger American rimfire, and a vintage 40's, M75 Winchester target rifle. My wife has a Henry Golden Boy (made in New York city) in mint condition. We also have a Savage M72 single shot (like the old Crackshot) that's our "trainer;" got two grandkids coming of age...

So, I just bought a new S&W Victory .22 pistol, and since I had a bunch of .22 shells stashed from years ago, I wanted to see what might work best for me in my new plinker.

First, I had a 15 year old (at least) opened bulk box of Federal Auto Match that I tried, and found them dirty and inaccurate; had one stovepipe with them, but all the rest I tried cycled through the pistol just fine, just didn't think much of them, generally. Shot 50 of those, and won't buy them again.

Second, I tried a brand new (very old, but unopened) box of Rem "Golden Bullets" that still have the price sticker on them from a hardware store that isn't there anymore in our home town. They're the old style 100 round, transparent, amber colored, plastic square container concern that has $2.79 for the price on the sticker, along with the hardware store ID. These shells have to be at least 25 years old, and they shot remarkably well, and cycled flawlessly through the pistol. I wished I had more of those. I saved half that box unfired, just because, price sticker and all... very good stuff.

Third, I tried some Winchester, Super X, 40 grn. round nose shells that came in the red, plastic, transparent 100 round container, that I've had for a couple of years. They shot very well, cycled as the old "Goldies" did, and I'd use them again if I can find them locally. Good stuff, too.

Fourth, I tried the CCI mini-mag, 36 grn. H.P.s. They, too, shot very well in the pistol, and because they're pretty available these days, though more expensive, I'll probably go with them currently with my Victory.

I did all my shooting @ 15 yards, and though I'm not any kind of a pistol shot, I could hold MOST all my shots in a 4" circle. I shot both two-hand, and single-hand hold, and found the single hand hold the most comfortable, and fun, for me. For just a complete novice having fun with a new firearm, that was how I judged the ammo I used for this thread. .22 pistols are wonderfully fun, and I don't have to reload, either!
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