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.22 LR ammo variety- what do you buy?

Since the .22 ammo panic is long over and prices are low enough to buy in large quantity again, I decided earlier this year to start cutting down on the variety and different brands/loadings of .22 I have. I'm shooting up the bulk packed ammo when I go to the range and have decided on only buying a handful of .22 to keep stockpiled.

I'm just wondering does anyone else do this or do you just buy whatever .22 you can find or what's cheapest?

In no particular order, here's what I've narrowed down to when I buy .22 now:

1. CCI Standard Velocity- Cheap and accurate.

2. CCI Velocitor- Hardest hitting .22 I know of that is quality and accurate.

3. CCI Stinger- Good results when I use this in handguns, not that accurate from rifles.

4. Aguila Sniper SubSonic- Quiet, accurate, and a good penetrator.

5. CCI Quiet- Cheap, even quieter than Aguila SSS, but doesn't work in semi-autos.

6. Winchetser bulk- Decent power, ok hollow point, shoots well from my guns.

7. Winchester Super X Hyper Speed- this is basically a budget CCI Velocitor load that Winchester makes, but instead of 50 rd boxes, they sell it in 100 rd boxes.
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