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If you're going to use the BB ammo's baseline for calibration--seems a little counterintuitive since that's the ammo you seem concerned about being "redline" at the top of the pressure range.
Not at all, that is exactly what I am looking for. Jim said to use a known pressure to calibrate the Pressuretrace II. As you already know. manufactures as well as handloading manuals use a certain safety % and are not a realistic "known pressure" thus only a close estimate. BB is closer to a realistic known pressure. I can't use a load manual because their results are in CUP, not psi. However, if a manual lists a load that produces 13,000CUP, I can sub 11,000psi since SAAMI list it as equal. Thus published 13,000cup loads are actually resulting in lower pressures. If those manual loads, as well as "other" manufactures, are used as a "control", then Buffalo Bore's loads are well over SAAMI max pressures, of which they claim are not.

Ahhh--you got the actual spreadsheet for the calibrations from Jim?
Yes, it tells me how much I need to turn down my barrel in order to lower the sensitivity level to accurately read lower pressure results....if I understood him correctly. The "Cowboy" loads are so low..including Hornady's, "interference noise" hinders actual pressure results.
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