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What started me with this whole psi mess was the fact that Lyman list high pressure loads to only be used in Group II rifles such as the Marlin 1894 and the Winchester 92 and 94. Lyman lists a heavy load of up to 21,900CUP. I have tested that load and my load result from that 21,900 CUP load is 19,628psi. No load I have ever loaded, before Pressuretrace, has even been higher. All of my Reloder 7 loads are less than 13,500psi and fall well inside Lyman's 21,900 CUP range. Even John Taffin's 2005 Guns Magazine load I tested was 14,000psi

Of course, we all know everyone's mileage may very and these figures are only being used for discussion purposes!!
Ahhh--you got the actual spreadsheet for the calibrations from Jim? That stuff is above my pay grade--though I believe the RSI software has a facility for making similar adjustments. It's apparent that accounting for things like case expansion in the chamber and metal/steel elasticity/conductivitity come into play. I don't mess with that stuff since I'm more likely to screw things up not knowing what I'm doing.
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