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I'm a bit curious about the these results.
Stagpanther, I assume you are referring to the direct link I posted?

If so, good questions but my experience is way more limited than yours!!! I am still trying to digest a little of what you are asking.

I think it's too small of range to be relied upon (7,000 to 12000 psi).
If you are referring to testing only a few, maybe 5 cartridges at a time, I have to agree at this point. Al though I don't see your exact reference, I usually test ten at a time and even that may be too few but it is a start.

I would use published results from a reloading manual
Hmmmm, I will let this digest for a while because I was thinking the opposite...especially after what I see after my results. After talking with Jim for a while, I figured I was on the right track!!

Buffalo Bore was my "control" because of it's consistency. Although I do not know their exact pressures, I used them because they claim to be "below" SAAMI max pressures. There is a total difference in night and day between Buffalo Bore and Winchester's Super-X hunting loads. They are also eager to express concern in not using their ammo in old worn out firearms or in firearms with tight chambers. My test barrel has a tight chamber. If I recall correctly, the highest deviation I got from a 10 shot group was 2,565psi.

As you can see from the handloading manual results, this is where I see my loads as being inconsistent but is expected until I can load them more consistent...which is why I used Buffalo Bore as the control, followed by Winchester's Super-X hunting loads AND (not shown) Magtech's so called Sporting loads....lower than Winchester results at 6,000psi

My MGM "test" barrel is 1 1/4" diameter and is the max allowed by the program. Jim told me this is more than likely the reason for the jagged lines.
when I see something like that I usually have a connection or gauge attachment issue
Yes, the line "drops" Jim told me was probably connection interference but we could not find the problem. From photos I sent him, he said I shouldn't have any problems from my set-up. He told me that the drop should not interfere with the initial pressure readings.

There are photos on the webpage that show the strain gauge placement and was "acceptable" by Jim at RSI.

I hope to learn more as I go but I really have no desire to use this program for anything other than initial pressures, load consistency and primer dependability since it is not attached to a particular firearm. I have experienced several WLP delayed primer ignitions.

I would like to see some more folks reply to your post...maybe we can get some good answers...sorry I couldn't help....cause I just don't know. :-)
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