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hmmmmm, not sure why, I can see it.
I'm a bit curious about the these results. I'm not disparaging the author or attacking his results, just have some issues based on my limited experience with the PT.

Even RSI will tell you that it's common to have a "standard deviation" in results of approximately 3000 to 4000 psi +/- due to things like variations in gauge attachment points relative to chamber or expansion characteristics of the particular steel, so within the context of the very narrow range of his pressure readings between "acceptable" and "overpressure" I think it's too small of range to be relied upon (7,000 to 12000 psi). Also, I would use published results from a reloading manual as a "second generation" pressure estimate vs. measurements directly from an ammo manufacturer which has a vested interest in maintaining lot-to-lot consistent results. I can only see two of his actual trace results--the rest are blocked by his "corrected" windows. The two traces shown both show one shot with an erratic pressure return--when I see something like that I usually have a connection or gauge attachment issue.
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