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First off, welcome to the black powder club and congratulations on your newest acquisition

Shooting black powder is a very good way to learn self-reliance and independence from the mass-market firearms scene. Because a main part of making a black powder firearm shoot properly is the work that YOU put into it. You have to load the weapon or the cartridges for the weapon yourself, possibly cast your own projectiles, and properly clean/maintain the gun. Unlike a Glock, you don't just pick it up and grab a box of ammo and start blasting away. You will have to be a reloader and a moderate-level gunsmith.

To answer your question, it is really up to your personal preference. Historically, single shot pistols and rifles are loaded with "patched balls". The wad is the piece of cloth that holds the projectile like a sabot and it serves to: 1: Create a gas seal and improve the ballistics of the ball once fired, and 2: keeps the projectile from inching forward up the barrel when the gun is not being used, but carried around for a while. If you are going to just load and shoot a few rounds out of it at the range for fun/practice, you can just go ahead, load with naked projectile and fire. But if you plan to keep it loaded as a backup gun to take along while hunting or hiking, best to use a patch. Hope that helps.
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