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Originally Posted by bamaranger View Post
Wouldn't surprise me that they just send you a new one. I've heard that's the way Nikon operates with many of its products.
I'd read where that way of replacing product's is or has replaced quality control in lot's of places. Years ago I got a tracking collar, not from Garmin, and didn't work right. Sent it back and they sent me a new one, no question's asked. Problem was, I sent back three in a three month period and the forth I sent to where I'd bought it for a refund and got the Garmin then. I think everyone put's out a product now and them that fails prematurely but four in just over three month's is the pit's. I don't think the program will change though. Seem's it's less expensive to simply replace an item than to have a quality control section. I like my Nikon scope's but I think they are doing the same thing. Didn't like that BDC reticue in my 4 1/2-14x and called Nikon about swappint it out, they wouldn't do it. Thought about miss handling it and doing it on warrantee but they'd probably send me that junk BDC again!
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