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"...shoot rifles and shotguns left handed, pistols right handed..." The way everybody should be. snicker. It makes no difference whatsoever. I've been shooting and teaching all kinds of assorted battle and hunting rifles, SMG's and MG's left handed with no fuss of any kind for eons. Telling a shooter to change sides is an antiquated training idea that goes back to the early 20th Century. (My ma was a southpaw and was ordered by the nuns to change or else. They of course were extremely superstitious and thought being left handed was evil.) Telling an experienced shooter(most new cops have never seen a real firearm outside a movie house) like your son to switch is bad training. Pure and simple.
"...with his department..." Might be some kind of daft "Will this guy follow orders?" thing going on. Even the guys who apply for SWAT are rarely "gun guys" before being hired. They rarely shoot recreationally any more than regular cops do either.
"...primarily because he was cross dominant and never coached..." Nope. He just missed. Eye dominance has nothing to do with hunting shots.
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