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It's cool it's cool man No offense meant by any of my statements and I certainly did not take any offense to yours. I just wanted to offer a more in-depth explanation to why I carry a single action revolver and it has more to do with woodland/wilderness preparation than in an urban or pure tactical environment. Although a good portion of the reason is that since I was very young I had worked with single action, large caliber revolvers that fired straight-wall cases and so I am mighty comfortable in their use and maintenance.

And I love the versatility of these types of guns too. When I am at the range punching holes in cardboard baddies I don't need more than 18 grains of black powder and sometimes even a budget lead roundball with slight crimping of the cartridge is more than enough for a whole afternoon of fun. For wilderness carry, some urban carry or just in case some nutjob breaks in, I got a box of rounds loaded to full power with heavy flat-point slugs. I played around with smokeless powder in the past but I love using black powder since the data and experience I have on it is solid and straightforward.

There are different tools for different jobs and I know many folk and have many friends who are only comfortable with carrying the best tactical raceguns. I got others who still live in the high country like they was old time fur trappers. Flintlocks and all
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