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I didn't mean any offense dad (the winky face was meant to convey a joke, but apparently that failed). Still, I don't live in an area where there is an "extremely high amount of violent activity in an urban situation" and I carry a pistol similar to what you describe (and certainly some very violent attacks have occurred in places where people afterwards are shocked that such a thing would happen there). If I lived in such an area hopefully I could move, but given that many of the situations you described are in fact extremely violent it doesn't seem out of the realm of reason to point out that equipment does play some role. I don't doubt the ballistics of 45LC, but the world has moved on and not completely without reason. That said it's your choice, and I simply meant it as a bit of gentle ribbing in what seemed a bit of an unusual situation to me where a man was discussing such violent situations while at the same time carrying what would be considered by most an antique handgun. It just seemed at odds with the message.

What I questioned was the presentation of extreme situations and the assertions that these situations are likely too extreme to use firearms. No one ever said defending your life would be easy, though I would argue the average self defense shooting is not what was presented above. Still, if the argument is about those extreme situations I stand behind what I said above in that these techniques that exist today aren't just good for IDPA work on the range. They were developed by people that survived similar such situations. Will the application of those techniques be a lot harder when someone is trying to beat you to death? Yes, I hope most are aware of this. It will also be pretty hard to fight your way out of it hand to hand. You apply whatever training and will you have to survive.

As I've said multiple times, hand to hand skills, edged weapon training, none of these are things I disregard. If you have access to such training by all means get it and pursue it with the same amount of vigor as firearms training. If the message of this post is that violent criminals are violent and that this violence will often be in close proximity, I think that's worth emphasizing. If my interpretation is wrong I apologize, as it's a lot of text and pulling out the meaning or discussion point wasn't easy for me.

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