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Well you can be sure son, if I was living in an area where there is an extremely high amount of violent activity where constant carry in an urban environment is a necessity, I would definitely be investing in a compact, striker-fired DA semi-auto with great emphasis on being able to draw it quickly if need be, that is, with the appropriate holsters and etc...

I mainly carry the Remington on camping and hiking trips. My GF loves nature and outdoor scenery and she would always smile and chide me when I pack the old warhorse along "aw come on, we are just going to see flowers and birds, why are you always carrying that gun?" My response: "because I am not going to let anything or anyone hurt you, remember the promise I made?" She did not like guns when we first met but now she doesn't mind them. Would never touch one but won't care that her crazy guy carries em' lol

But the '58 makes a hell of a great house and vehicle gun though. .45 Long Colt with 250 grain flatpoints over a full case of Goex Olde Eynsford FFFg. Clocking 1300 feet/sec makes for a lot of stopping power. I ain't scared of any lions, tigers or bears when I am in the woods with that thing. Heck, many a hog has been sent to the cooking pot with these loads. I can draw and fire it relatively quickly. Not as fast as Arvo Ojala of course, but confidently fast enough to be able to resolve many defensive situations. I use a shoulder holster in colder weather, or I simply tuck it into a haversack. Easy to load and unload the spent brass too I machined a loading channel into the recoil shield when I installed the converter.

The scenarios I put in my post is indeed extreme but that is the nature of predatory crimes. Hence why they require the use of CCW weapons. We carry them to protect ourselves and our loved ones from dirtbags in society who have no qualms about raping or killing people. In New York City right now the Karina Vetrano murder case is on trial. She was a jogger who, two years ago was brutally strangled, raped and murdered in a Queens park. Evidence collected and presented now showed that she had fought for her life for 45 MINUTES while Chanel Lewis punched, kicked, beat and choked her slowly to death. Absolutely one of the most gruesome cases in recent history. The punk had the audacity to turn his head in the court and try to look at the family of the poor girl he brutalized and then give the excuse that "he was angry that morning, that's why he attacked and killed a random stranger". Truthfully, I have the greatest respect for the Police Detectives who have to interrogate and interview criminals like that. They are truly remarkable people who have to keep their emotions under control and remain professional while they talk to some of the most vile and putrid scumbags out there so they can solve the crime and bring closure to the victims' families.

RE: Ricklin: I sorted some of the longer blocks into separate paragraphs now so they are not that hard on the eyes.
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