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Well, not carrying a single action pistol from the 19th Century does make deploying a pistol a bit easier, imo. [emoji6]

In all seriousness these are good points. Some of these situations that you describe though are pretty extreme and pretty dire. You need a good deal of hand to hand training to punch your way out of them. Also, this is a firearms forum. While I think it's absolutely useful and important to discuss hand to hand combat, I think there is a pretty understandable slant to this forum. I think the key is to have some training that combines both, and that can be tricky to find as it often requires facilities and equipment, say SIMS or UTM and a place to use them, to really see it in action. A lot can also be done with blue gun training mixed in during a day along with shooting, but not all instructors do this or are comfortable with this. This applies to both firearms and martial arts instructors.

I also don't know if I agree that the weapon retention techniques and shooting positions that have been developed are great for IDPA but limited in other usefulness. Many of the people that developed those techniques did so after surviving encounters similar to what you describe. Certainly there are limits, but the notion that some of this only works in controlled environments is to me untrue. Obviously it makes things much more difficult, but in much of what is described above it is going to be difficult any way you approach it.

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