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Any trigger that is improperly adjusted or dirty can malfunction regardless of the brand. The Pre-2007 triggers that Remington used on all bolt guns from 1946-2007 (except the 788) could discharge with no trigger pull even if perfectly clean and still adjusted as it left the factory.

In 1946 Mike Walker concluded that 1 out of 10 rifles could do so right off the assembly line. It is a design flaw that was caught early in production and Walker drew up plans for a replacement trigger at the time. He even sent a letter to management in 1948 again trying to redesign the trigger. But Remington management chose not to use it until 2007.

In 1983 (I think that was the year) Remington redesigned the safety so the gun could be unloaded with the safety in the "safe" position. This did a lot to reduce the number of incidents, but did nothing to address the real problem.

Guns made 2007-2014 have the newer trigger, but a manufacturing glitch allowed adhesive to get into the trigger group on a handful of guns that could cause problems. All of those guns were recalled to have triggers inspected and replaced if needed. To date none of the pre-2007 guns have been recalled, but if you return it to Remington for any reason it will come back with the new trigger.

I've not owned, nor even fired one with the new trigger, but reports I hear indicate that it is not a very good trigger. All of my experience is with the older trigger and while it is crisp and light I don't think it a safe trigger.

I own a 1974 production 700 bought new in 1975. After pulling the rifle out of a safe sometime in the 1990's I moved the safety in order to check the chamber as I always do when I pick up any firearm. When I did the firing pin dropped on an empty chamber. It did so 2-3 times and stopped and never did it again until about 5 years ago when it did exactly the same thing. Both times with an unloaded gun. Once again, it only happened 2-3 times then started working normally again.

I rarely use the rifle anymore, but decided it needed a new trigger before it is passed down to one of the kids so I went with a Timney.
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