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In most cases of defense of others, I believe strongly that wait and observe is your absolutely strongest responsibility. If you have seen it and prepared to intervene, it wont' take a huge interval to draw, if you haven't already, and move directly into defensive "attack" when the danger is clearly, obviously imminent.

If you see a man of any great size being extremely violent towards another and fear that it may result in someone getting hurt, set yourself into position, clear the way to defend. Strike when it is unavoidable. If you can't quietly do a little recon and get into a good position, all you can do is wait for that moment.

I believe that if a person is considering intervening, every necessary step towards that intervention but the actual moment of intervention should be taken before the situation becomes more dire.

It's hard enough to draw, duck, aim and fire as it is. Do it from across a street or parking lot, it gets harder, and you will still be concentrating on the issues at hand, whether or not to intervene.

This is just a part of being proactive. don't passively watch and wait until it is too late. at that point, all of your time for observation is used up, you no longer have any advantage, and you are at a HUGE disadvantage because you have to start the whole thing from ground zero.

I suppose that many, maybe most, can deploy and use a cc weapon in a five second or less period from a concealed holster. If you have been attending to the scene, you would have unbuttoned the jacket over your holster, had your strap loose and hand on the butt, isn't that a good thing?

I realize that this sounds contradictory. The point is that you have two steps that should be taken. Observation of the situation before it escalates and taking steps to intervene if needed. Then intervene.
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