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Not so in the only uber-liberal part of “gun loving Texas”. A few years ago in anti-2nd amendment Austin Texas, the District Attorney announced a new policy that all defensive gun use would go to the grand jury. And they have and many on to trial with the purpose to legally make lawful gun use financially and emotionally expensive.
Last I checked the legal expenses for a potential defendant in a Grand Jury proceeding = $0.

Until an arrest is made or an indictment comes down there isn't anything for a lawyer to do except hear your story, take your money and tell you to keep quiet. He certainly won't go to the Grand Jury. You can keep quiet without spending a dime.

If the potential defendant is arrested there may be bail expenses but rare is it in defense shootings where the shooter is arrested and forced to make bond.

I do believe that the Texas Law is a tragedy that should be undone but it does not have as much impact as you might think.
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