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Originally Posted by MTT TL View Post
PPGMD - I hear what you are saying. Seems lots of vets (and often wannabe fakers) decided to start a training school. There is however good training out there if you know where to look and have access to it.

For me it is much more useful to learn good ways to avoid trouble and deal with trouble rather than shooting accurately and fast. Shooting accurately and fast is merely one way of dealing with a problem; however it really should never be the focus of a good defensive strategy.
I could take this same comment and say that instead of buying a firearm in the first place you're better off taking classes on deescalation, given the low probability of using a firearm defensively.

None of this has to be mutually exclusive. We are all limited in time and money, but thinking of ways to deescalate a situation doesn't mean you can't spend time building accuracy and shooting faster. True defensive courses should go into more than shoot eveything. All that said, in the unlikely and unfortunate event when deescalation fails and you do have to use your firearm being able to use it effectively is important. Just because I can use it effectively doesn't mean I go looking for trouble.

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