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I am probably going to regret posting this, because my opinions are often pretty controversial, but what the hell I'm in a good mood today. The million dollar question I always have, what are you trying to get out of classes?

I've taken a lot of "tactical" pistol and carbine classes. Along with both open enrollment and private competition training classes.

Some observations
1. Tactical training classes aren't an go as often as you can type of class.
2. Most tactical training classes are nearly the same, sure there are some exceptions like Southnarc, but a vast majority of them are so similar that you can replace the instructor and not notice.
3. Most tactical trainers aren't that great of shooters, particularly with the pistol.
4. Instructors that regale you with war stories during any time other than meal breaks are bad instructors.
5. You have to put in the work, and the fundamentals matter.
6. You don't get faster unless you actually practice trying to get faster.
7. If you want to learn how to shoot, and I mean how to really shoot take classes from competition shooters.
8. At a certain point open enrollment classes are going to become little value to you. Private training from a high level shooter is often the only way to get the attention you need to get those little issues that take dedicated observation (often including video).
9. Don't grasp onto the gospel of any particular instructor.
10. Don't be afraid to experiment. The way I shoot today is different from the way I shot a year ago, and the way I shoot a year from now will be different from the way I shoot today. Your technique will evolve as your skill level evolves. It may not be huge changes, but they will be there. And sometimes these changes might involve changing equipment, but technique should drive the equipment.
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