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I've been CCW for about 20 years and although now I make at least one a year, sometimes two, it has not always been that way. I have more time and "discretionary funds" to spend on training now, but please allow me to offer some advice to those that are still on a short leash when it comes to signing up for formal training.

1. Don't overlook local sources, they may not be nationally known, but local guys may have have a training method that is very effective for you. You don't have a lot of travel and lodging expense, and their classes may be reasonably priced. Ask around, you may be surprised whats available close to home.

2. Watch for some of the big names to come to a range near you. The first "big name" class I ever took was John Farnum, 7 miles from my rural home. Mas Ayoob has been in my area several times, as well as others. You just have to watch the schedules closely.

3. Diversify your training, different instructors, different topics. Vehicle combatives, active shooter, Urban Rifle. It may seem unrelated to what you expect as an armed civilian but its all good stuff to know and it keeps you relevant in things you may want to try, like "Three Gun", IDPA, or whatever you want to get involved in.

4. Have a "wish list", a training budget for both time and money, and be prepared to sign up when you see something, classes fill up fast so if its on your wish list and you can afford it, jump on it.

Good luck to all, hope you find some great training opportunities you can take advantage of.
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