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Originally Posted by TailGator View Post
I agree with the value, but a lot of people, myself included, haven't the time and/or the funds to take as many classes as they would like.
Agreed. I was, and still am, there. I have a self-imposed fixed allowance for guns, ammo, training, doodads and tactical geegaws.

A few years ago I did the math on how much I was spending a month on ammo. I'm fortunate to shoot free at a friend's range, so range fees would be a factor in the equation if it applied. I usually shoot once a week.

My first classes were $25/person but those rates have doubled in the past year. Nonetheless, I figured over time I was burning through ammo with no significant improvement.

Even at $50/per training class four times a year, for the cost of 10 boxes of otherwise unproductive ammo I improved 100%. I usually just shoot 50 handgun rounds a week rather than 100.

There's all kinds of training out there and the courses that last days are quite pricey, especially including travel, meals and lodging. Still, I bet there are qualified local instructors near most metro areas that offer 4-6 hours of training for less than a hundred bucks.

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