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Poll: Formal Training Classes How Many TFL Members Take Them?

So most of the time I just lurk in this area but lately a few topics have prompted me to post in here. I am a big fan of firearms training. I think that it is the best way to develop proper skills and to maintain them. I have taken a few courses over the years but not as many as I wish I had especially in the beginning of my shooting days. I always looks back and think I should have taken more classes and bought less guns and I would be a better shooter today.

I have taken marksmanship classes, defensive handgun classes, dynamic pistol courses etc.... I personally lean more towards defensive shooting not competition shooting.

So I ask the question do my fellow TFL members take formal classes. I am not talking about hunter safety or even concealed carry permit courses but course where you spend 1 or more days on the range shooting 300-500 rounds a day with an instructor or instructors working with you to improve your shooting.
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