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41F removed the CLEO "signoff" effective July 13th, 2016. Now all that is required is CLEO just mail the CLEO a copy and he can't do a darned thing about it.
I drop mine off in person.
I live in a small city. (Metro area of roughly 65k people, in 45 x 15 miles; with a county population of just 82k.)
The often irritable and unhappy clerks at the counter always perk up when they're handed a Form 1 or Form 4, and give me a good smile. (Again... small city, and in a gun-loving part of the country. )

Even if you don't use Silencer Shop or a similar service, the rest of it is cake:
Get fingerprinted.
Get some photos.
Stop by your local toy store.
Nearly every dealer does the paperwork for you. Even if they don't, they have to fill out more than you anyway. (There's not much to it.)
Mail the application with prints, photos, and check.
Drop off (or mail) the CLEO notification.

And wait a lot more....
The wait sucks. But the process is pretty simple. Getting the windshield in my truck replaced is more of an inconvenience than filing a Form 1 or Form 4.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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