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Bartholomew Roberts Apparently, an oddity in the language of Texas's state firearms laws has been clarified so that the Mossberg Shockwave will be legal in Texas.
It wasn't necessarily illegal before.

Under state law, shotguns can not have a barrel shorter than 18". Handguns can; but the definition of handgun was kind of murky and left you at the mercy of the jury as to whether they decided a Shockwave was one or the other.
The problem with Texas law vs the Shockwave is that Texas law doesn't define "shotgun", while federal law does. This meant it might be a jury that would decide whether its a shotgun.

Federal law prohibits a handgun with a smooth bore unless you hold a tax stamp.

Under Federal law the Shockwave is not a handgun, not a shotgun, not an AOW, not an SBR......just a firearm.
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