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Originally Posted by FITASC
So what is the answer in this scenario:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith live 8 months in Michigan and then bring their RV to Florida for the winter where they put it in a RV park. All of their IDs are Michigan, including the tag and registration of the RV. For four months they are residents of FL, living in the RV, so how would they go about (or better I guess what documents would they need) to go buy a handgun in FL?
If they're residing in their RV at an RV park, then the address at their RV park is their residence. They'd need to get some kind of government-issued documentation showing their name and this address, and then they could combine that with a government-issued photo ID to buy a firearm.

They wouldn't just need to use their FL address to buy a handgun, they'd also need to use their FL address to buy a long gun. Yes, an out-of-state resident can buy a long gun, but they're not out-of-state residents, they're actually living in FL. So if they put their MI address on the 4473 while they're living in FL, that would be a felony because they're lying about their residence on the 4473.
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