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Quote:Originally Posted by ShootistPRS
Making a home requires some kind of investment, living on property you own, or looking for property to buy, maybe?
Ownership of property isn't required to establish residency; the ATF explicitly says that in ATF Ruling 2010-6. In fact the ATF even allows an RVer to use the address of the spot where their RV is parked as their residence. Even a homeless person's tent on a street corner could qualify as a residence, but they would have to get some government-issued documentation of their tent's address to purchase a gun from an FFL.
Correct...but a word of caution to the RV'ers.

In order for someone who lives in an RV to claim a particular state as their "state of residence", (just like the homeless person above) they need to provide the same documentation as someone living in a home or apartment.

This means a physical address. ATF regulations clearly do not permit the use of a P.O Box or other mailing address. The address you claim as your current residence address must actually be the address where you reside.

For someone who is travelling the country constantly it may well be impossible to truthfully claim a "current address and state of residence" on Question 2 of the Form 4473.
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